Saturday, September 25, 2021

New stickers in the shop

Got four more stickers posted in the shop today, two of the GalactaTours stuff, and two of Time-Zone Labs.  They are:

In the mid 90's, Kelly and I created a newsletter 
and we had a few subscribers - 
we called them Zoners. 
Thought it would be nice to remember them.

This just tickled my fancy - 
imagine when the aliens come 
and we make them wear name tags? 

There must be thousands of ice worlds in the universe -
be pretty cool to go skiing on one, right?
Full disclosure - I have never been skiing in my life, 
but I like cold weather.

This is not the original design image - 
it was originally a square, but the printer 
found a way to cut it out around the words.
When I saw it like this on the proof, 
I thought it was interesting.
Now - ? 
Any comments?

All designs are also available on t-shirts.

Thanks for stopping by!