Friday, August 13, 2021

New Stuff!

T-shirts have arrived in the T-ZL gift shop. They feature the sticker designs from T-ZL and GalactaTours

I stuck to only black and white shirts – most shirts come in both colors, but a couple are only in one or the other because they just seemed to look better that way, like the T-ZL designs. If anyone out there thinks they would like a design in a different color, leave a comment and I will try to get it added it to the shop. Shirts are a soft cotton jersey blend.  

Ok, there is some bad news about the t-shirts, and this annoys me to no end – they will not be included in the regular shop discounts and the coupon codes won’t work on them. Sizes XS – XL are $20, 2XL is $21, and 3XL is $22. Etsy expects all sellers to offer free shipping, even though many don’t. If you don’t, your listings show up even lower on searches. I am such a small potatoes operation and can’t buy in bulk, so the made to order prices from the printer along with offering free shipping AND Etsy fees make it next to impossible to actually make a profit on them. I made the prices as low as I could and if I make $1.00 off a shirt, I will count myself lucky. But, remember the good news – you still get free shipping! And honestly, is $20 – $22 really such a bad price these days for a pretty cool t-shirt, especially one destined to become your favorite? 🙂 

The following designs are now available as t-shirts –
Time-Zone Labs

  • Time-Zone Labs Logo
  • Knight Temporal
  • Reasoning vs Instinct
  • Bringing You Better Times for Better Living
  • Just Visiting
  • The GalactaTours Logo
  • Earhart Galactic Transportation Services
  • Motel Morbius
  • The Spaghettification Coaster
  • The Clarke Belt Roller Coaster Ship
  • The Heinlein Hotel
  • Frank’s Market House
  • McCaffrey Cruises

New GalactaTours stickers will also be posted this weekend along with shirts with the new designs.

Click here or follow the link on the right to see all the new stuff.

More to come! Thanks for stopping by!