Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Greetings, Fellow Zoners!

While I am working on stuff to put up here - including another short story - just wanted to give you a head's up on the stickers. Right now, the following three designs are available (all shown on a standard one inch grid mat):

The official motto of Time-Zone Labs~
Black and white, 3" square
As of May 27, 2021, 15 available individually, 
plus 7 included in sets of all 3 designs.

Harmony of the Spheres Bar & Grill~
Color, 3" square
As of May 27, 2021, 15 available individually, 
plus 7 included in sets of all 3 designs.

I kinda messed up when I designed this sticker. This was in the first batch I had printed, and I did not realize I made the font so small in the paragraph under "Located in the Heart of the Veil Nebula (24th Century (Earth Chrono)". I have since corrected it, BUT - I do not know if I will be printing it again - that will depend on popularity. This first batch will always be different, so if you are a collector, grab it quick! The colors are really beautiful!

Prof Will Coconolte "Reasoning vs Instinct" Quote~
Black and white, 3" square (at widest points) 
As of May 27, 2021, 15 available individually, 
plus 7 included in sets of all 3 designs.

Good advice from our very own Professor Willver Coconolte!

Something I'm sure you have noticed - the Time-Zone Labs official logo is included on each sticker! This awesome logo was designed many years ago, in 1992, by our creator, Kelly Nolte and will soon appear on a sticker of it's very own!

Each sticker is regularly priced at $3.00, however, now through May 31, 2021, everything is 15% off. And on top of that, I ship it to you free!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE - as mentioned above, there are 7 sets that include 1 of each available design, normally discounted to $7.00 - $2.00 off the regular individual price - plus the 15% off til May 31, 2021, making them an incredible $5.95 for 3 stickers - making them less than $2.00 apiece! And - did I mention - FREE SHIPPING!?!

All stickers are printed on high quality outdoor grade vinyl, come cut to shape, and are laminated. Laminate adds durability (scratch protection); as well as UV protection; which extends the life of the sticker (average outdoor lifespan is approximately 4-5 years in all weather conditions). Stickers are water proof, weatherproof and can even be ran through your dishwasher (top rack air dry)!

These premium vinyl gloss stickers would look awesome on your laptop, phone, notebook, clip board, cup, water bottle, door, car window - anything flat and smooth! Of course, they are collectible, so you may not want to stick them on anything at all - slip them like a photo on a mirror or bulletin board frame!

Many new designs will be added in the coming months. I have a couple dozen designs ready to go now - but, I have to sell 4 or 5 individual stickers to make enough to print another design. I have been unemployed for over 2 years and the pandemic was not as good to me as it was to many others - I did not get unemployment and I have absolutely ZERO $$$ coming in. So I hope you like them enough to buy one or two!

To purchase, please click the "T-ZL Stuff on Etsy" link at the right, or go to: 

The next design will be available at the middle or end of June, so please keep checking back!

We have a sister site at - designs will be added there on a monthly basis as well! Have a look-see!

Thanks for visiting!