Saturday, January 4, 2020

TIME-ZONE LABS Classifieds

FOR SALE: 4 antique personal computers, circa Earth 2023 A.D. Fit in palm of hand. Parts available through Intergalactic Component Seekers. Call Δρ 4722, Bora 7

Licensed genealogist needs any information pertaining to the family of Porzog Fram Wallstti of Exteraria 17. Formed alliance with Marzia Rhetta Forluta of Interaria 15, 3205 A.D. Earth. Please thought-transfer all info to Machine 94Ø6, 421α, Earth 4622 A.D.

Wanted - Male, Earth species, to found new dynasty. Normal, aggressive/commanding, tall, good looking, intelligent, personable. Must have stamina. Fee paid.

To apply, see your friendly Cosmic Rep at 
658732 W. Main St., New New York, Draco Two.

Thank you for 
Supporting Dementia Research! 

What are we without memories?