Friday, January 17, 2020

TIME-ZONE LABS - Ask Talibah

Recent correspondence from Talibah's desk~

Dear Talibah, 
I'll be taking an extended tour of many time frames through many systems. Do you have any advice to help me avoid currency problems?
Minke Solfant, New York, 2226

Dear Minke,
There are several reputable services for intergalactic currency exchange, but Time Travel Technologists (TTT) holds the highest rating from Intergalactic Express. Founded by Carlos Muldoon of Old San Francisco, Earth 2042, this company has expanded to servicing more than ten billion time frames throughout the universe.

Dear Talibah,
Is Time really money?
Sleepless in Seattle, Earth, 2057 A.D.

Dear Sleepless,
Yes, Time is money. But, if there was no Time, that lack of existence - in and of itself - would still be money. Follow me? The best reference I can give you is a fabulous book written by Row T. Loftgouden entitled TRADING BEADS, DOLLARS, CREDITS, AND ℘ΞΆ - A Study of Linear Sequence Finances, Offering an Explanation to the Relation Between Time and Money. Though out of print, you can probably find an old copy on

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