Sunday, January 12, 2020

T-ZL Employee Announcement

Are you a fan of disease, starvation, 
hard work, and earthquakes?
We are recruiting for an exciting 
new research team!

A new research team is being assembled to travel to Ancient Egypt to assist in documenting the construction and destruction of the lighthouse in Alexandria Harbor of Pharos Island, 300 BC - 1323 AD.

Senior researchers are needed for construction years - experience working in bondage and enslavement is required for the years under Kings Ptolemy I and II. There will be many opportunities to experience drudgery and toil, but the good news is this is a recommended weight loss exercise program from Time-Zone Labs Employee Health Services. All researchers must be experienced in earthquake procedures.

Work days will consist of 2 hours in the field, returning for 2 hours to the T-ZL offices for processing notes. A maximum of 3 days per week are available to all researchers to allow for any related injury/disease medical attention.

Crash Benson, Head of Despatch/Courier Services, will be issuing evacuation implant beacons to all team members for cases of emergency. 

Of course, hazardous duty pay will apply to all hours worked under this study. 

Interested? Apply at the 
T-ZL Research Lab!

Great way to earn extra pay
for any upcoming holidays!
*Note - chance of scars or loss of limbs is high.
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Thank you for 
Supporting Dementia Research!
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