Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Earth, 1938 A.D. - Congratulations to Nick, Phil, and Sam of the Coconolte Investigation Agency for cracking the Temporal Extortion Plot. President Eva Rudolph and family have been happily reunited in 2060.


Militant feminists were picketing the home of Wayne Richards of DuBarry, Wisconsin, Earth 2117 A.D., as Richards' former fiancée, Elvah Henderson, made plans to sue him for breach of promise. Richards allegedly took a trip to the year 2147 A.D. to see what Elvah would look like in 30 years, and not liking what he saw, came back and cancelled the wedding. Marilyn Smythe, leader of the feminists, notes that Richards would not discuss how he would look in 30 years.


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