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TIME-ZONE LABS - Ask Talibah

Recent correspondence from Talibah's desk~

Dear Talibah,
For my vacation this time frame, I'm planning to take a trip through Earth's Twentieth Century sixties. I'm going to stay away from all the foolish things the natives put into their bodies for recreation, but I'd like to know if you have any suggestions about places to see. I'm trying to make arrangements to see the Woodstock Experiment, but I'm afraid it will be far too crowded. Thanks for everything.
Rudolph Witherspoon, New Pittsburgh, Luna 2147

Dear Rudolph,
While the Woodstock Experiment is the most noted of the "sixties" happenings, you can still get the full flavor of the time by touring California. Look for any clustering of Volkswagen buses, long-haired people decorated with flowers and love beads, or clouds of bluish-white smoke hovering overhead.  Be sure to brush up on your Bristol Stomp, Pony, and Chicken Scratch! (Fred Astaire XXII has a dance studio right in New Pittsburgh that's "hip" in all those "groovy" steps!)

Dear Talibah,
I have already had the proper inoculations for my upcoming visit to Xangon 4, but I was wondering if you could advise me of any health hazards, such as the water, I should avoid while there.
Roberta Turanga, Gamma Cetus 2257

Dear Roberta,
Your inoculations should protect you from all, save the infamous Xangon 4 Ratbladder Quiche served at all restaurants. UGH: AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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