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TIME-ZONE LABS - Ask Talibah

We are our past. It sways our decisions, forms our ideals and determines our future. It used to be that only through the written word could the vibrations and whispery movements of our predecessor be felt. Fortunately, time travel has made the impossible... possible. 
My name is Talibah. I am the Director of the Time-Zone Labs Library and Archives. I developed interests in astronomy, history, geography, philosophy, poetry, and theater while a clerk in the Great Library of Alexandria.

While there, I encountered the greatest minds of the age. Heron of Alexandria, inventor of gear trains and steam engines and the author Automata, the first book on robots. Archimedes, the greatest mechanical genius until Leonardo da Vinci, and Hypatia, mathematician and astronomer. (Not to be confused with Hyapatia Lee, a woman of some notoriety in 20th century America.)

The Library of Alexandria accumulated over half a million works, combining all the cultures and languages of the world. T-ZL Library and Archives has much the same goals in mind, with the exception that our compilation will span the curves of time with no limit to worlds.

If I, or or my department, can be of any assistance to you in your travels, please write.


Recent correspondence from Talibah's desk~

Dear Talibah,

I am a Peruvian Indian and interested in applying for admission to the College of Santa Cruz de Tlatelolco for the 1546 A.D. semester. Who would be a good friend to make inorder to assure myself entrance?
Carlos Huaraz, Iquitos, Peru

Dear Carlos,
Juan de Zumarraga, first Bishop of Mexico and founder of the college. Might as well go straight to the top! Please give him my regards.

Dear Talibah,
I'll be going to the 76th Olympic Games on Mars. Can you recommend a really nice place to stay? 
Siann Blaa, First Planet, Achernar System

Dear Siann,
Whenever I go to 2124 Mars, I like to stay at the Echo, an exclusive little resort on Dimos, that caters to the time traveler. With proper reservations, the resort can provide every comfort of home, where or whenever that may be! Included with the price are frequent shuttles to and from the surface of Mars. The Echo holds a five-galaxy rating with TTT.

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