Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In the News

Just like the case with Kelly, Dementia and Alzheimer's are hitting people younger than the age of 60. Thankfully, the House of Representatives is recognizing this and including younger victims with access to care:
House Recognizes and Responds to Care Needs for People Living With Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s

It is always amazing to me when scientists can connect one behavior or symptom to something else:
Looking at the Way We Walk Can Help Predict Cognitive Decline

Finally, a great resource for Alzheimer's news and information:

Please, no matter your age or whether you think you will develop dementia or not, please, get educated and support research! Chances are that even if you don't get it, someone you know and love will.

Thank you for 
Supporting Dementia Research! 
What are we without memories?