Monday, October 7, 2019

In the News

This article on a global survey really shook me up when I read it. It appears that a large portion of the world's population is willing to lay down and accept dementia as their fate. Please don't be one of these people!
95% of people think they could develop dementia with age

Remember in a previous post, I said I heard Dr Andrew Weil talking about learning a new language to exercise your brain? It sounds like more researchers are looking into this-

If you're multilingual, you may be able avoid dementia, study suggests

It is so hard caring for a victim of dementia - the caregivers themselves often feel like  victims. This is a great idea - we didn't have this when we were caring for Kelly.

Monthly phone check-in may mean less depression for families of patients with dementia

We all spend so much time surfing the Web - please include a few minutes everyday to find out what you can do for your physical and MENTAL health!

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What are we without memories?