Thursday, September 5, 2019

Resources for Dementia Information

Today I thought I would share some good resources for information about dementia - I have created a page just for resources I will add to along the way. If you know of a good resource, please leave it in the comments below and I will include it.

This is a topic that everyone should become familiar with - after all, EVERYONE has some degree of risk of developing Alzheimer's or some other dementia at some point in their life, with some people having higher risks due to genetic makeup. Please - learn what you can - if anything just to help yourself.

Please remember that Time-Zone Labs will donate 40% of anything earned to Dementia Research. The focus of T-ZL donations is the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, which is the Las Vegas branch of the Cleveland Clinic.
I discovered this beautiful facility and their wonderful people while I was participating in an Alzheimer's prevention drug study.  It really would have been great if they had been around when Kelly was first diagnosed with dementia.

There is not enough good to say about the staff and volunteers at this place - and the work they are doing to help dementia patients and their caregivers. And the building is really cool to sit and stare at - I mean, really, how did they do that? If you are in Las Vegas, you really need to see it in person.
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