Welcome to Time-Zone Labs

Time-Zone Labs is a fictional company that specializes in the research of temporal displacement - time travel. The company was created and founded by the late Kelly J. Nolte.

Since Kelly passed away in 2008, I have been trying to get his work published. The big problem- I only have one complete story because the computer he worked on in the early 90's was stolen, so most everything is gone. I tried to help him recreate the stories, but he was so upset, and his mental illness was coming on, so he gave up.

Well, I have recently found out about self-publishing through Amazon.com, and I have put his one complete story up - it is now available in the Amazon eStore. You can find the book at Amazon by clicking the cover to the right.

Click here to find the book on Amazon.com!

I am looking for writers that love history and think they can help recreate the world of Time-Zone Labs. I always loved the fiction written by fans for Star Trek and I can think of no one better to write a T-ZL story than a fan. If you think you would like to give it a go, please contact me at curator@time-zonelabs.com and I will give you all the information about the company and let you know how it will work. And yes, if someone buys your stories, you will get paid!


For information about Kelly and his life, please visit www.rememberingkelly.com.